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Common Name: Variegated Fountain Grass
Plant Type: Annual, Ornamental Grass
Exposure: Sun to Part Sun
Hardiness Zone: 10-11
Bloom Time: Summer-Fall
Garden Height: 24-30 Inches
Garden Spread: 16-20 Inches
Size Category: Mid: 16 to 36 Inches
Drought Tolerant: Yes
Heat Tolerant: Yes
Pot Size: Quart Pot

Pennisetum Graceful Grasses® 'Sky Rocket'


Pot Size: Quart Pot

  • Heat tolerant
  • Drought tolerant
  • Variegated foliage

Pennisetum 'Sky Rocket' is a fantastic ornamental grass that will add some pizazz to your garden. It has variegated green and white foliage and smokey pink flower plumes that appear in the summer and turn cream as they age. An excellent choice for the center of mixed containers, borders, or in the landscape!

Height: 24-30 inches
Spread: 16-20 inches

Uses: Combination Containers, Landscapes, Borders
Notable Features: Deadheading Not Necessary
Growth Habit: Upright

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