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Clematis 'Sweet Summer Love'

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Common Name:
Sweet Autumn Clematis
Plant Type:
Perennial, Climbing Vine
Sun to Part Sun
Hardiness Zone:
Bloom Color:
Bloom Time:
Garden Height:
12-15 Feet
Garden Spread:
6-10 Feet
  • Heavily blooming climber
  • Fragrant flowers attract lots of pollinators
  • Large vine, so provide a fence, arbor, or small tree to climb

Clematis 'Sweet Summer Love' is an outstanding variety! It brings the wonderful fragrance, vigorous growth, and beauty of the Autumn Clematis a whole month earlier. The cranberry-violet flowers begin blooming in mid-summer and last into the fall. This is a fantastic choice for the sunny landscape and looks great climbing up a trellis or fence.

Uses: Trellis, Arbors, Mailbox Posts, etc.
Nature Attraction: Butterflies
Notable Feature: Cut Flower
Growth Habit: Climbing

Pruning Group: 3

Homeowner Growing Tips: Pruning group 3, which means it blooms later and from new growth. Should be pruned in February or March as new leaf buds begin to show low on the plant. All dead material above these buds can be removed at this time. Old foliage or foliage with mildew should be cleaned out at this time as well.

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