Weeks Roses

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  • Rosa 'Queen of Elegance™'

    Rosa 'Queen of Elegance™'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Large 3-4" pink flowers Double flowers mean lots of extra petals Strong fragrance Gorgeous old-fashioned pink flowers are large and won't fade. It has a very strong classic...

  • Rosa 'Pink Peace'

    Rosa 'Pink Peace'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Exquisite, large, pink flowers Long stems are perfect for cut arrangements Great in warm climates 'Pink Peace' brings a classic beauty to the landscape and bouquets. It has...

  • Rosa 'Miss All-American Beauty'

    Rosa 'Miss All-American Beauty'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Bright pink flowers are 6" across Wonderfully fragrant variety Great in warmer climates Perfectly pink flowers adorn this rose throughout the season. It is a consistent...

  • Rosa 'Love At First Sight'

    Rosa 'Love At First Sight'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Red petals are white on the reverse side Somewhat compact for a hybrid tea rose Bred to be resistant to fungal diseases Love At First Sight' gives a modern twist to the...

  • Rosa 'Life's Little Pleasures™'

    Rosa 'Life's Little Pleasures™'


    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Rich purple flowers with pinkish tones Double flowers in small clusters Compact size is nice for smaller spots or large containers Rosa 'Life's Little Pleasures' produces...


  • Rosa 'Life of the Party™'

    Rosa 'Life of the Party™'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Clusters of 2 - 3 1/2" bi-color flowers Old-fashioned double flower shape Superb fragrance Neat, compact form  'Life of the Party' brings colorful fun to the garden...

  • Rosa 'Lady In Red'

    Rosa 'Lady In Red™'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Clusters of deep red blossoms all summer long Old-fashioned double flower shape Large but compact climber great for a fence or trellis The beautiful true red flowers of...

  • Rosa 'John F. Kennedy'

    Rosa 'John F. Kennedy'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Pale green buds open to lovely white blooms Large 4-6" double flowers Good for warmer climates Plant this near a window or walkway to enjoy the lovely fragrance these...

  • Rosa 'Honor™'

    Rosa 'Honor™'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Large, white, double flowers Tall, vigorous plant Very disease resistant This is a perfect rose for cutting with very large flowers and long stems. The flowers are...

  • Rosa 'Fragrant Cloud'

    Rosa 'Fragrant Cloud'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Unique orange blossoms are great for cut arrangements Strong spicy fragrance Color intensifies in cool weather One of the most fragrant hybrid tea roses, a sweet and spicy...

  • Rosa 'Easy Spirit™'

    Rosa 'Easy Spirit™'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot 3 1/2 - 4 1/2" flowers of antique white Clean foliage resists disease Long bloom time Part of the Easy to Love Rose Collection, 'Easy Spirit™' has the tried and true...

  • Rosa 'Easy On The Eyes'

    Rosa 'Easy On The Eyes™'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Semi-double pink flowers with a darker center Low-maintenance Durable, hardy, resists diseases An overabundance of gorgeous lavender flowers with darker magenta eyes makes...

  • Rosa 'Celestial Night™'

    Rosa 'Celestial Night™'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Magenta-purple flowers Old-fashioned flower shape with lots of petals Vigorous and disease-resistant This is an outstanding choice not only for its gorgeous, 3-4" flowers...

  • Rosa 'Arctic Blue™'

    Rosa 'Arctic Blue™'


    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Two-tone flowers of lilac-pink with a pale reverse side Color becomes bluish-lavender as the flowers age Double flowers with lots of scalloped petals The double lilac-pink...


  • Rosa 'All Dressed Up™'

    Rosa 'All Dressed Up™'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot 3-4" pink double flowers in clusters Vigorous grower Enhanced disease resistance Plant this show stopper near the house or a walkway to take advantage of the...

  • Rosa  'White Meidiland®'

    Rosa 'White Meidiland®'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Great disease resistance Long blooming Rosa 'White Meidiland®' is a sure choice for the maintenance-free garden. The double pure snow-white flowers cover this shrub rose...