Vase to Vase

Brighten your home with ease.  Vase to Vase will make grabbing lovely flowers fast, easy and fantastic!

The 1 – 2 – 3 of  how it works:

  1. You sign up and choose the dates you want to pick up your beautiful arrangements.
  2. On Thursday or Friday of your selected weeks you pick up your new vase and return the vase from prior pick ups.
  3. Keep vase watered and ends of flower clipped every few days and ENJOY!

Cost per vase is $40 which will be charged at the time of pick up.  Please use the contact form below to sign up for the specific dates you want.  When picking up your first vase we will take your credit card number and you will be charged at the time of each pick up.  Easy and Fast…your vase will be ready and waiting for you!

Questions?  Call Katey @ 616-451-8214

Vase to Vase Program Form

Check All Dates You Wish To Participate

Here are a couple examples of past Vase 2 Vase arrangements!