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Grab ‘n Go Planting Kit

Looking for a fun and healthy craft for your kids? Try our Grab 'n Go Planting Kits.   Kits include directions, a pot, saucer, plant, soil and fun decorations.  Kids can customize their pots with markers, paints or glue on some of the included decorations!  Choose...

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Roses 101

Curious about Rose Bushes?  We invite you to our short presentation Friday May 18th at 2pm & Saturday May 19th at 10am Tim, our resident rose expert, will be giving a short presentation on rose basics. He will cover the differences between rose varieties, how to...

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New Shipment of Air Plants

Although air plants are not always easy to keep alive long term we do have some good tips to help you succeed from Plantaflor ( a wholesale tillandsia grower out of California). Be Consistent Water is usually the culprit when diagnosing why a plant has died. It is...

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Rose Care

Although roses have a reputation as being fussy, or high-maintenance, they actually tolerate a wide range of conditions, and are worth the effort for most sunny gardens.  For best results, keep in mind the following: Planting They usually prefer an open...

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Pruning Hydrangeas   Hydrangea anomala petiolaris – the climbing Hydrangea is a vigorous, woody vine that is often grown on a fence, arbor, large tree, or side of a house. It requires no regular pruning, other than to fit the space available. After...

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Pruning Clematis

Pruning Clematis Clematis is a genus of popular, flowering vines, known for producing an abundance of showy, often very large flowers for a long period during the growing season. Pruning these vigorous vines is done for the purposes of taming dense tangles...

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Poinsettia Fundraiser 2019

**Due to the tender nature of Poinsettias, our fundraiser is limited to the Greater Grand Rapids area only**   Poinsettia fundraisers are a great way to earn cash for your organization.  How our fundraiser works is ROMENCE GARDENS grows the poinsettias and you...

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Garden Coaching Services

Not sure what to plant and where?

These are just a  few of the questions that can be answered in a 30-minute private Garden Coaching session at Romence Gardens!

If you are interested in signing up for a Garden Coaching Session with one of our expert gardeners, please fill out the contact form and we will get back with you to book an appointment. If you have more questions, email Katey at or call:  (616) 451-8214

$40 for a 30-minute session (additional time available for a fee). Price includes a $25 gift card to spend on plants at RomenceGift card given at the end of your coaching session.

Limited space available. Appointments scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.


    NOTE: Your credit card will not be charged until an appointment is scheduled.

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Mulch & Soil Calculators

To find the amount of mulch or soil you need, enter the length and width for rectangular or square areas, or the diameter of a circular area in feet, then select how deep you want the mulch. Click “Calculate” to receive an estimate of how many cubic yards of mulch or soil needed for your project.

We offer bulk mulch delivery, and delivery plus spreading services are also available. Please call (616) 451-8214 for pricing, varieties of mulches available, and scheduling information.





Result for Square or Rectangular Area:




Result for Circular Area:

Plant Calculator

Find out how many plants you need for a specific area in your landscape:

Plant Spacing(in):

Garden length(ft):

Garden width(ft):

Result for Square Pattern:

Result for Stagger Pattern:

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