**Due to the tender nature of Poinsettias, our fundraiser is limited to the Greater Grand Rapids area only**


Poinsettia fundraisers are a great way to earn cash for your organization.  How our fundraiser works is ROMENCE GARDENS grows the poinsettias and you sell them by taking orders and collecting the money. Most groups sell them at a price approximately double the cost (see below) to earn adequate profit. We will deliver them to you (one location) in pot covers, sleeved for weather, and boxed by size and color, at a pre-determined date.

Only Top quality poinsettias are grown at Romence Gardens – better than florist-sold plants. These plants, classical symbols of the holiday season for most Americans, are superior because we grow them right here in our greenhouses – and because they come to you directly from our greenhouses. No middleman, no stressful freight trip, no store shelf to sit on for weeks. We guarantee they will be healthy when you receive them. These plants are the same varieties we sell to our retail customers and will last for months with proper care.

Please read through this information and then fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you wish to make inquiries or have decided to participate. We will then contact you and work out your arrangements.

Care is required. Poinsettias are sensitive to heat and cold and subject to breakage if not handled correctly. All plants must be covered for delivery and displayed in areas free from drafts and with plenty of bright light. Direct sun is not necessary. Water them sparingly – moist, not soggy soil – and no ‘wet feet’.


You will need to decide:

  • What pot sizes you wish to sell
  • What colors to sell
  • When do you want to have your plants delivered – usually that is the same day as, or the day before your purchasers will pick them up from you. (Do not hold them for more than 2 days.) Delivery dates are subject to plant availability – they don’t ‘bloom’ till 3rd week of November or later with some varieties.
  • Where will they be delivered (and on your end – who will receive them, sort them, etc.)
  • If you want pot covers on them (no additional charge) and what colors (red, green, gold silver – or a mix)
  • If you want help from us in creating an order form, you will also need to have established your selling prices before contacting us. Most groups double their costs.


We would like all fundraisers to be set up with us by early November. (If you will require a huge number of plants that must be communicated to us by mid-summer.)

Plant orders have to be received a minimum of one week before delivery. All orders are subject to our availability and we reserve the right to make substitutions as necessary – especially for late orders or if there is a crop failure. You will be notified of and given choices for substitutions. No changes in orders will be allowed within 2 days of delivery. No refunds or exchanges will be allowed after delivery unless quantities or color errors have occurred on our part or plants have been damaged during delivery. (Rare!)

COLORS this year are the traditional red, white, or pink – plus Marble (variegated pink and white).

Prices are based on pot size and number of flowers/plants in each pot, not on the colors. Prices include pot covers and delivery (within the local Grand Rapids area) to a single, local site with minimum order. These are your purchase prices – you are free to determine your group’s selling prices based on what you need your margins to be.


• 4.5 inch pot –   (3-6 multi-blooms) $4.50

•6.5 inch pot pinched –   (5-9 multi blooms) $7.50

• 8″ pot 5 Large Straight Up Blooms –  (5-8 Large Blooms) $20.00 **gorgeous!

• 10″ pot 6 Large Straight Up Blooms –  (6-8 XL Large Blooms) $25.00 **our signature poinsettia


Minimum order: $300.00

Delivery area limited. Delivery outside the Grand Rapids area may be subject to a delivery charge.

Payment in full is required before delivery.

If you have any questions please contact us.