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Common Name: Nemesia
Plant Type: Annual
Exposure: Sun to Part Sun
Hardiness Zone: 8-10
Bloom Color: Purple
Bloom Time: Season Long
Garden Height: 10-18 Inches
Garden Spread: 12-18 Inches
Size Category: Short: 18 Inches or less
Pot Size: 4.25 Inch Grande PW Pot

Nemesia fruticans 'Aromance® Mulberry™'


Pot Size: 4.25 Inch Grande PW Pot

  • Fragrant flowers
  • Low maintenance

'Aromance® Mulberry™' is intensely fragrant, flowers early, and will hold up well all season. Makes a lovely accent in combination containers. The fragrance will turn heads.

Uses: Border Plant, Containers, Landscapes, Mass Plantings
Notable Features: Long Blooming, Deadheading Not Necessary, Fragrant

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