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Common Name: Japenese Iris hybrid
Plant Type: Perennial
Exposure: Sun to Part Sun
Hardiness Zone: 4-9
Bloom Color: Orange
Bloom Time: Spring-Summer
Garden Height: 26-30 Inches
Garden Spread: 44-48 Inches
Size Category: Mid: 16 to 36 Inches
Deer Resistant: Yes
Pot Size: 5.25 Inch Square Pot

Iris pseudata 'Yarai'


Pot Size: 5.25 Inch Square Pot

  • Large, peach blended flowers
  • Tall, upright grower
  • Excellent in damp areas

Iris pseudata 'Yarai' has gorgeous soft peach flowers with deep purple veining. "Pseudata" Irises are interesting man-made hybrids between Iris pseudocorus (yellow flag) x Iris ensata (Japanese Iris). This results in some gorgeous new color paterns. Both parents grow naturally in wet areas, so if you have one, then take advantage of this unique beauty. It will also grow in most average yards, if provided with supplemental water during summer.

Uses: Bogs, Borders, Landscapes, Mass Plantings, Pond Edges, Rain Gardens, Specimen, Stream Banks
Nature Attraction: Hummingbirds
Critter Resistance: Deer
Notable Features: Cut Flower
Growth Habit: Upright, Clumping

Homeowner Growing Tips: The single most influential factor in your Japanese Iris' health and growth is WATER. Plants with insufficient moisture will be stunted and have smaller flowers, but with plenty of consistent water they will grow big and beautiful. They are well suited to areas beside ponds or near streams where the water table is high, but not covering the roots. Mulching them heavily will ensure that the soil never dries out. Plant in heavy, acidic, rich soil amended with compost or manure. Don't add granular fertilizer around new plantings. Instead, add the fertilizer a month or two prior to planting Japanese Irises. When they are more established you can fertilize them in early spring and then right after they finish blooming.

Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc

Customer reviews

5 Reviews Write a Reviews
  • Iris yarai

    Posted by Jeffrey on Jun 22nd 2022

    Nice big plants,well packaged for shipping

  • Iris pseudata 'Yarai'

    Posted by Kathy Graves on Jun 1st 2022

    Amazing job of packaging (three buds on plant, all survived the trip and bloomed), very pleased with the size of the plant.

  • First year - terrific bloomer

    Posted by Linda Mills on Jul 1st 2021

    I received a large healthy plant that is now blooming. This plant is a winner! Thank you for offering it.

  • Iris pseudata 'Yarai'

    Posted by Linda Mills on May 21st 2021

    A very large healthy plant was received. I am very pleased.

  • Quality of Plants

    Posted by John Weygandt on Apr 27th 2021

    All the plants I received were the best I have ever had shipped to me. They were of a size comparable to what one gets from a local retail nursery. However the plants were not pot bound, as they so often are from from such a nursery. The instructions for them are always loosen the bound roots. Lots of luck with that! The pots used by Romence are sturdy and reusable. It is easy to get the plant out of the pot, perhaps because of the smooth sides, and not being pot bound. The packaging is clever and very effective, no soil falling out or broken stems. Also I appreciate the free shipping. Many times I have made out an order and then discovered shipping is 50% of the plant cost. One knows of course that the shipping has to be included somewhere, but it is just a more pleasant experience to know immediately what the delivered cost is.

    I wish I had discovered Romence sooner (it was Iris pseudata that led me to their site). In the future Romence will be my first choice for shopping for plants online .