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Hosta SHADOWLAND® 'Diamond Lake'

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Common Name:
Hosta, Plantain Lily
Plant Type:
Shade to Part Sun
Hardiness Zone:
Bloom Color:
Bloom Time:
Garden Height:
17-28 Inches
Garden Spread:
45 Inches
  • Vivid blue color
  • Puckered leaves have very wavy edges
  • Medium-large size will make a bold addition to any shade garden

Hosta 'Diamond Lake' is an exquisite blue hosta with heart shaped leaves that are thick and heavily corrugated. This variety really stands out in the garden because of its size. The leaves can reach a size of up to 9 inches in size and 11 inches wide. In early to midsummer pale lavender flowers appear atop the mounding leaves.

Uses: Borders, Cottage Gardens, Flower Beds, Landscapes, Mass Planting, Specimen, Woodland Gardens
Nature Attraction: Hummingbirds
Notable Features: Low Maintenance
Growth Habit: Mounding

Homeowner Growing Tips: Hostas grow best in moist, well drained soil with high organic content and slightly acidic to neutral pH. They prefer slightly sandy soil over heavy clays as they need aeration for the roots. Grow in high-filtered or dappled sunlight--they can tolerate morning sun but not hot afternoon sun. Hostas are prone to slugs and deer browsing, though some kinds with thicker foliage may not be damaged as badly. Apply slug bait in early spring before the leaves have unfurled to prevent damage. Divide large clumps, if necessary, in spring when sprouts appear, or late summer. Remove dead foliage from the garden in late to early winter.

Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc

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