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Common Name: Hosta
Plant Type: Perennial
Exposure: Shade
Hardiness Zone: 3-9
Bloom Color: Purple
Bloom Time: Summer
Garden Height: 16 Inches, Flowers to 29 Inches
Garden Spread: 40 Inches
Size Category: Short: 18 Inches or less
Pot Size: 5.25 Inch Square Pot

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Pot Size: 5.25 Inch Square Pot

  • Medium-sized hosta with wide, rounded leaves
  • Wide, dark blue leaves are contrasted by gold centers
  • Lavender flowers add a splash of color in summer

If you're familiar with the 'Old Glory' variety, you'll find that this sport of that favorite truly does go above and beyond with its attractive, much wider, dark green leaf margins surrounding the lime green centers. The flowers rising above the clump of midsummer foliage are pale lavender.

Uses: Borders, Woodland, Specimen, Mass Planting
Nature Attraction: Hummingbirds
Notable Features: Good Cut Flower & Foliage
Growth Habit: Mounding

Homeowner Growing Tips: Hostas grow best in moist, well-drained soil with high organic content and slightly acidic to neutral pH. They prefer slightly sandy soil over heavy clays as they need aeration for the roots. Grow in high-filtered or dappled sunlight--they can tolerate morning sun but not hot afternoon sun. Hostas are prone to slugs and deer browsing, though some kinds with thicker foliage may not be damaged as badly. Apply slug bait in early spring before the leaves have unfurled to prevent damage. Divide large clumps, if necessary, in spring when sprouts appear, or late summer. Remove dead foliage from the garden in late fall to early winter.

Photos courtesy of Walters Gardens, Inc
  • Beyond. glory Hosta 5

    Posted by Christine Blocher on May 14th 2023

    A very heap, beautiful plant!’ I will AKWAYS check with Romence Gardens first when buying plants!!!

Hosta 'Beyond Glory'


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