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Common Name: Coleus
Plant Type: Annual
Exposure: Sun or Shade
Hardiness Zone: 10-11
Bloom Time: Grown for Foliage
Garden Height: 24-36 Inches
Garden Spread: 18-36 Inches
Size Category: Mid: 16 to 36 Inches
Heat Tolerant: Yes
Pot Size: 4.25 Inch Grande PW Pot

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Coleus Solenostemon scutellariodes 'Colorblaze® Golden Dreams'


Pot Size: 4.25 Inch Grande PW Pot

  • Versatile plant 
  • Bold pop of color
  • Adds interesting color

Coleus hybrid 'Colorblaze® Golden Dreams' is a versatile plant that does well in both sun and shade locations. The chartreuse leaves have red veins and make a striking contrast to other plants in containers. If planted in full sun it does need to have some humidity for it to thrive or get afternoon shade. This is a great choice to add some colorful thrills to landscapes, containers, and borders.

Uses: Combination Containers, Landscapes
Notable Features: Heat Tolerant
Growth Habit: Upright Growth

Homeowners Growing Tips: Pinching off the flowers or growing tips encourages more side shoots, resulting in a bushier plant.

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Customer reviews

3 Reviews Write a Reviews
  • Recommended

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 11th 2020

    Striking coleus

  • Spectacular performer

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 4th 2020

    I only bought one of these as this plant was new to me and I soon regretted getting only one. Romence Gardens did a great job packing and it arrived in good shape. Planted in a small 10" pot it thrived in a corner of my driveway and became a monster. No maintenance needed. No bugs, fungus or disease. Highly recommended! Zone 6b

  • Golden Dreams is wonderful

    Posted by Pamela Millspaw on Oct 3rd 2020

    I ordered these to go with my Carding Mill Roses. The gold with red veins were the perfect foil. Unfortunately, the coleus didn’t like the sunny spot. I moved them to a partial shady area and they took off! Now they nicely complement the fall colors on our maple trees. Definitely a keeper!