Clematis 'Rouge Cardinal'

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Common Name:
Plant Type:
Perennial, Climbing Vine
Hardiness Zone:
Bloom Color:
Bloom Time:
Garden Height:
4-6 Feet
Garden Spread:
3-4 Feet
  • Rich, vibrant flowers
  • Vines are compact

This prolific bloomer produces raspberry-wine colored flowers from late spring to late summer on compact climbing vines. Makes a beautiful vertical cover for a fence or trellis, or it can be allowed to meander horizontally in shrub beds. These stunning flowers make excellent cut stems in arrangements as well.

Uses: Borders, Containers, Trellis or Arbor, Specimen
Notable Features: Good Cut Flower
Growth Habit: Climbing

Pruning Group: 2

Homeowner Growing Tips: Clematis thrive in well-drained, slightly alkaline soil. The ideal situation allows their roots and the base of the plant to be shaded while the top growth is in the sun. Mulch the base to conserve moisture. Water deeply and regularly during the first season to establish the roots, and keep evenly moist with slightly less frequent watering in following seasons. Feed regularly starting in the spring. Deadheading can enhance the bloom time. Prune in early spring, lightly shaping and removing dead or weak stems.

Photo(s) Courtesy of Roseville Farms

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