Catananche caerulea

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Common Name:
Cupid's Dart, Blue Cupidome
Plant Type:
Hardiness Zone:
Bloom Color:
Bloom Time:
Garden Height:
18-30 Inches
Garden Spread:
10-12 Inches
From mid to late summer, papery, lavender-blue flowers that resemble daisies are produced singly on bare stems. These stems emerge from a tidy mound of woolly, long, narrow leaves that are 8–12 inches long. This plant is relatively drought tolerant due to the fine hairs on its leaf, which aid in water retention.
Uses: Flower Beds, Borders, Mass Plantings
Natures Attraction: Butterflies
Critter Resistance: Deer
Notable Features: Cut Flower, Drought Tolerant
Growth Habit: Spreading

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