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Buddleia Pugster ® Amethyst

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Common Name:
Butterfly Bush
Plant Type:
Perennial, Shrub
Hardiness Zone:
Bloom Color:
Bloom Time:
Season Long
Garden Height:
24 Inches
Garden Spread:
24 Inches

A powerhouse of blooms! Buddleia 'Pugster® Amethyst' is a compact shrub that produces full-size flowers. This continuous bloomer has thick, sturdy stems and reaches a height of just 2 feet tall! Panicles of true-blue flowers with tiny yellowish-orange eyes are very appealing to butterflies. An excellent choice for containers and small spaces.

Uses: Beds, Borders, Containers, Landscapes, Mass Plantings
Nature Attraction: Butterflies
Critter Resistance: Deer, Rabbits
Notable Features: Cut Flower, Fragrant, Heat & Drought Tolerant
Growth Habit: Upright

Homeowner Growing Tips: These prolific bloomers need to be grown in good soil or fertilized regularly to give them the energy necessary to create all that sweet nectar. Water regularly during hot and dry weather to prevent wilting. Be sure they are planted where they will get at least 6 hours of full sun each day. Removing spent flower spikes will encourage more new blooms. Prune in spring after it leafs out to remove any dead branches. Avoid fall pruning. 

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