Weeks Roses

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  • Rosa  'Chihuly®'

    Rosa 'Chihuly®'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Excellent cut flower Flowers change color as the sun hits them Rosa 'Chihuly' is named after the famous glass artist Dale Chihuly. This exquisite rose definitely lives up...

  • Rosa  'Chicago Peace'

    Rosa 'Chicago Peace'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Strong growth habit Exquisite blooms Sublime pink blooms have canary-yellow, often copper tones at the petal bases. A superb plant, with the same strong growth and long...

  • Rosa  'Blaze Improved'

    Rosa 'Blaze Improved'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Vibrant red flowers are semi-double Profuse bloomer One of the most popular climbers in America! This improves the original with more profuse blooms. Guarantees a reliable...

  • Rosa  'Anna's Promise®'

    Rosa 'Anna's Promise®'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Flowers can be single, double, or in clusters Spicy, fruity fragrance Rosa 'Anna's Promise®' is inspired by the award-winning British television series Downton Abbey®...

  • Rosa  'All My Loving'

    Rosa 'All My Loving'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Wonderful long stems are perfect for bouquets! Excellent vigor Rosa 'All My Loving' holds its dazzling pink flowers on long-cutting stems and produces an abundance of these...

  • Rosa  'Above All™'

    Rosa 'Above All™'

    Pot Size: 10 Inch Pot Salmon-orange flowers with a fruity scent Blooms continuously  Rosa 'Above All™' has an increased petal and flower count compared to its parent Westerland. It has...