Watermelon 'Mambo'

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Common Name:
Citrullus lanatus
Plant Type:
  • Sweet red flesh
  • Perfectly round 

Winner of the 2020 AAS Award and with only 75 days from transplant to fruit means this adorably sweet watermelon is a great addition to your summer garden.  

Type: Watermelon
Fruit Size: 8-10 pounds. 9 Inches round
Notable Features: Compact
Growth Habit: Spreading

Homeowner Growing Tips: Plant in well-drained soil and provide consistent moisture. Watermelons are ripe when the color of the bottom spot (where melon sits on the ground) turns from white to yellow. Also, they lose the powdery or slick appearance on the top and take on a dull look when fully ripe.

Photo Courtesy of All-America Selections

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