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Squash 'Dixie'

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Common Name:
Cucurbita pepo
Plant Type:
  • 41 days till maturity
  • Firm yellow fruit

Squash 'Dixie'  is a lovely yellow crookneck summer squash that is a heavy producer. From planting, maturity only takes 41 days.

Type: Yellow Summer Squash
Fruit Size: 5-6 Inches  
Notable Features: Early Harvest, High Yielding
Growth Habit: Bush

Homeowner Growing Tips: Squash should be planted with a few seedlings to a hill or mound in the garden, so keep the plants that come in one of our pots all together when you plant them. Provide moist, well-drained soil and try to water at the soil level as much as possible. Harvest when the fruit is young and when the skin is still soft enough to be pierced with your thumbnail. Continue picking for a season-long harvest.

Photos courtesy of Ball Horticultural Company

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