Romence grows thousands of premium hanging baskets in our Grand Rapids greenhouse.  We strive for new and unique combinations as well as using the highest quality plant material.  Talk to one of our experts on the perfect basket for your spot and the best way to keep it looking great all summer long.

-Water almost daily depending on variety
-If you go away for more than a day or two – take down the basket and place in a saucer of water in a partially shaded spot for sun   baskets and almost all shade for shade baskets
-Add fertilizer to your water once a week or once every two weeks
-Don’t be afraid to trim and clip your basket throughout the season to keep it from getting stretched
-Frequent small haircuts keep plants branching and blooming
-If your basket ever dries completely…try submerging the entire pot in water for a few minutes to fully re-hydrate the pot

Our perennial department is bursting with amazing shrubs, trees, groundcovers, perennials and more.  Need help with a tricky spot?  Stop in with a few pictures and talk to one of our perennial experts. They can help you find the perfect plant.  Many of our spring bushes are in bloom inlcuding lilacs & rhododendrons.  Get a little garden therapy and stroll through the plants…we promise it will make you happy!

Katey likes to shop.  This is obvious with all the fun new garden and home decor we have in stock right now.  Fountains, wind spinners, pottery, gifts & more are fun to shop and make great gifts!

Have you tried our specially formulated potting soil yet?  This soil less mix is excellent for containers inside and out.  We do not put any chemicals or fertilizers in the soil so YOU can control what goes into your soil.  Growing vegetables in containers…feel good knowing that our chemical free soil will not affect your crop.   We offer many organic and synthetic fertilizers and soil enhancements to insure your container thrives all summer.