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Rosa 'Rock & Roll™'

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Common Name:
Grandiflora Rose
Plant Type:
Hardiness Zone:
Bloom Color:
Bloom Time:
Season Long
Garden Height:
49-55 Inches
  • Very full, striped and spotted blooms
  • Enhanced disease resistance
Rosa 'Rock & Roll™' is a stunning Grandiflora with striped and splattered white, burgundy, and red blooms over deep green foliage.
Romence Gardens roses are sold and shipped potted and growing in a 10-inch diameter pot. Due to the size of the box required to ship them, they must be shipped individually and do not qualify for flat rate shipping.
Type: Grandiflora
Flower Color: Burgundy, Red, and White
Root: Grafted
Uses: Beds, Borders, Cottage Gardens, Cutting Gardens, Hedges, Landscapes, Specimen
Nature Attraction: Butterflies, Bees, Pollinators
Notable Features: Cut Flower, Disease Resistant
Photo courtesy of ©Weeks Roses

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