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Rosa 'Anna's Promise®'

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Common Name:
Grandiflora Rose
Plant Type:
Hardiness Zone:
Bloom Color:
Bloom Time:
Garden Height:
60 Inches
Garden Spread:
48 Inches
  • Flowers can be single, double, or in clusters
  • Spicy, fruity fragrance

Rosa 'Anna's Promise®' is inspired by the award-winning British television series Downton Abbey®. It boasts gorgeous flowers that can be single, double, or in small clusters. The petals are golden with a blush of pink and glowing bronze on the reverse. This is an elegant rose that emits a spicy, fruit fragrance making it a wonderful choice for fresh-cut bouquets.

Downton® and Downton Abbey®  
©2015 Carnival Film & Television Limited. All Rights Reserved.

Romence Gardens roses are sold and shipped potted and growing in a 10-inch diameter pot. Due to the size of the box required to ship them, they must be shipped individually and do not qualify for flat rate shipping. 

Type: Grandiflora
Flower Color: Coral, Gold, Pink
Uses: Beds, Borders, Landscapes
Nature Attraction: Butterflies
Notable Features: Cut Flower, Fragrant
Growth Habit: Upright

Photo courtesy of ©Weeks Roses.

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