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Pumpkin 'Howden'

Common Name:
Cucurbita pepo
Plant Type:
  • Perfect for carving!
  • Seeds are great for roasting

A classic carving pumpkin, 'Howden' is a traditional favorite and the most common variety grown and sold for Halloween jack-o-lanterns. Their skin is intensely orange with defined ribs and often have a somewhat tall shape, though they can be more rounded too. The flesh of this pumpkin is not highly recommended for most pumpkin recipes as it is more tough and stringy than a tasty pie pumpkin, but the seeds are great for roasting!

Fruit size: 20-30 pounds
Fruit Color: Orange
Notable Features: Best as an Ornamental, but Seeds are Edible
Growth Habit: Spreading

Homeowner Growing Tips: Make sure to water pumpkins frequently and watch the leaves for wilting. That is a sign that the plants need water. Feed with vegetable fertilizer for a bountiful harvest. 

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