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Pepper 'Peppi Grande Red'

Common Name:
Capsicum annuum
Plant Type:
  • Crisp, sweet flavor
  • Seedless


Sweet fruit that ripens from green to red and is seedless.  Great on the grill or baked stuffed with cheese.


Homeowner Growing Tips: To produce seedless fruit in your garden, Peppi varieties must be grown in isolation from other (non-seedless) pepper varieties. If planted too close to non-seedless varieties, there is a chance that Peppi varieties will produce a few seeds. Try growing Peppi seedless pepper varieties with your tomatoes, eggplants or by themselves to gain the benefits of seedless fruit! If you are not able to isolate Peppi varieties, they will still produce larger, great-tasting fruit with just a few seeds. Best grown in-ground with support of stakes or a cage.

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