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Melon - 'Snow Mass F1' Honeydew

Common Name:
Cucumis melo
Plant Type:
  • Perform best in hot, long growing seasons
  • Sweet, light green flesh

Plant in your garden for a good yield of high-quaility, mid-size honeydew melons with smooth rinds and very sweet, light green flesh. The vines are vigorous and produce quite heavily. Best in hot or long growing seasons for fruit to reach maximum size.

Type: Honeydew Melon
Fruit size: up to 6-8 pounds

Homeowner Growing Tips: Keep evenly watered in well-drained soil. Try to avoid overhead watering as much as possible, watering at the soil level instead. Melons have a very sweet fragrance when ready to be picked and should be allowed to fully ripen on the vine.

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