Melon - 'Aphrodite' Cantaloupe

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Common Name:
Cucumis melo
Plant Type:
  • Great choice for smaller spaces
  • Sweet, aromatic fruit
  • Good diseases resistance

This Cantaloupe takes up a smaller space than traditional cantaloupes, making it great for smaller gardens. The sweet, aromatic melons have thick, smooth orange flesh within a slightly sutured skin. Good disease resistance, including Powdery Mildew.

Type: Cantaloupe
Fruit size: 6-7 pounds

Homeowner Growing Tips: Keep evenly watered in well-drained soil. Try to avoid overhead watering as much as possible, watering at the soil level instead. Melons have a very sweet fragrance when ready to be picked and should be allowed to fully ripen on the vine.

Photos courtesy of Ball Horticultural Company

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