Lemon Balm - Citronella Balm

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Common Name:
Melissa officinalis citronella
Plant Type:
Hardiness Zone:
Bloom Color:
Bloom Time:
Garden Height:
24 Inches
Garden Spread:
24 Inches
  • Wonderful citrusy scent
  • Multiple uses: culinary, aromatherapy, and medicinal

Lemon Balm 'Citronella' has a wonderful lemony scent and produces white flowers in the summer that are full of nectar. It is often used in potpourris and the oil is used in aromatherapy products.  This variety of lemon balm has double the essential oil content and is useful in repelling mosquitos and gnats. It is safe to use on skin, simply crush the leaves and rub on wrists and ankles to repel bugs.  Lemon Balm can also be used as a flavoring for ice creams or in herbal teas and fish dishes.  

Homeowner Growing Tips: Remove faded flowers to promote continued blooming. Grow in well-drained soil. Established plants can tolerate some drought.


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