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Common Name: Smooth Hydrangea
Plant Type: Perennial, Shrub
Exposure: Partial Sun
Hardiness Zone: 3-9
Bloom Color: Pink
Bloom Time: Summer
Garden Height: 48-60 Inches
Garden Spread: 48-60 Inches
Size Category: Tall: 36 Inches or more
Pot Size: 1 Gallon Pot

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Hydrangea arborescens 'Incrediball® Blush'


Pot Size: 1 Gallon Pot

  • Makes beautiful cut flowers for crafts or vase arrangements
  • Long blooming
  • Deadheading is not required

Hydrangea 'Incrediball® Blush' adds a new color to this great series. It produces extremely large, blush-pink flowers that turn a lovely shade of green as they mature. The sturdy stems and nice foliage make it a well-rounded plant for the garden. Native to North America.

Height: 48-60 inches
Spread: 48-60 inches
Spacing: 60-72 inches

Use: Borders, Foundations, Landscapes, Woodland Gardens
Nature Attraction: Butterflies
Notable Features: Shade Tolerant, Blooms on new wood, Good cut flower for fresh or dried arrangements

Homeowner Growing Tips: Smooth Hydrangeas are some of the easiest and most reliable types you can grow, especially if you live in a cold climate. Caring for them is simple: in early spring, just as the new growth begins to emerge on the stems, cut the plant back by about one-third its height. That's it! If you wish, you can apply a granular fertilizer formulated for flowering shrubs, like a rose fertilizer.

The largest blooms develop after the plant has become established - typically about 3 years after planting. The plant will bloom before this, but it won't start reaching their maximum size until they have developed a good root system.

Smooth hydrangeas like 'Incrediball Blush' can grow in full sun in cooler climates - a minimum of 6 hours a day ensures the strongest stems, the biggest blooms, and the best flower color. However, the warmer your climate, the more shade they require; afternoon shade is particularly beneficial in these areas. Keep moist, especially with more sun.

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