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Rosemary 'Barbecue' (Herb)

Common Name:
Rosmarinus officinalis
Plant Type:
Hardiness Zone:
Bloom Color:
Bloom Time:
Garden Height:
1-3 Feet
Garden Spread:
1-2 Feet
  • Stiff stems
  • Great variety for grilling

Rosemary has fragrant stems that are great when used as skewers for kabobs and are often used to enhance the flavor of different meats. Also adds a nice flavor to soups, salads, and vegetables. Many perfumes, oils, and soaps use rosemary. Medicinally it can be used in teas to help indigestion.

Uses: Culinary, Aromatic, Beverage
Notable Features: Fragrant, Edible
Growth Habit: Upright

Homeowner Growing Tips: Grow in light, well-draining soil. Rosemary does best in soil that is slightly acidic. Established plants have good drought tolerance. If hardy in your zone, cutting back heavily in spring will keep the plant full and bushy.

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