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Eggplant - 'Asian Delite'

Common Name:
Solanum melongena
Plant Type:
  • Bitter-free fruit
  • Stake or cage for support

These plants produce clusters of 3 to 5 small, lavender-striped fruits that are sweet, bitter-free, and early--up to two weeks earlier than other eggplant varieties. The plants are dwarf sized, up to 2 feet in height, making them great for small-space gardens and containers.

Fruit size: 2-4 inches
Notable Features: Good for small-space gardens or large containers, Teardrop-shaped fruit
Growth Habit: Upright

Homeowner Growing Tips: Make sure plants get plenty of water and fertilizer. Eggplants don't want to sit soggy, so make sure the soil drains well. Stake the stems or provide a cage or trellis to help the plant support the large fruits. A good test of ripeness is to press your thumb into the skin and if the indentation stays, it is ready for harvest.

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