Cucumber 'GherKing'

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Common Name:
Cucumis sativus
Plant Type:
  • Best planted in the ground 
  • Vigorous grower
  • Fruit flavor remains pleasant even if left on the vine 

This variety produces early yields of large, bitter-free fruit, retaining its pleasant flavor even if left on the vine. The vigorous vines perform best when trellised. They can spread quite widely so planting in the ground is advised. The cylindrical, dark green, highly spined gherkins are perfect to enjoy either fresh or pickled.

Type: Pickling Cucumber
Fruit size: 3-5 inches
Notable Features: Gynoecious
Growth Habit: Spreading - best grown in the ground or on a trellis

Homeowner Growing Tips: Water deeply and fertilize regularly, as cucumbers are heavy feeders. Try to water at the soil level rather than using an overhead sprinkler to reduce mildew. Grow on a trellis or fence to save garden space. Harvest when the fruit is young for best taste. Do not divide the plants that come in one pot--grow together on a small hill or mound in the garden, or in one large container.

Photos courtesy of Ball Horticultural Company

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