Cucumber 'Burpless Supreme'

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Common Name:
Cucumis sativus
Plant Type:
  • High yield
  • Very mild flavor
  • Cucumbers are produced early

Cucumber 'Burpless Supreme' is a high-yielding slicing cucumber.  It matures in 55 days so you'll have cucumbers to slice and dice all summer long.  

Type: Slicing Cucumber
Fruit size: 12 inches
Notable Features: Monoecious--male & female flowers on the same plant. No pollinator plant is needed.
Growth Habit: Spreading - good for large gardens or trellising 

Homeowner Growing Tips: Water deeply and fertilize regularly, as cucumbers are heavy feeders. Try to water at the soil level rather than using an overhead sprinkler to reduce mildew. Grow on a trellis or fence to save garden space. Harvest when the fruit is young for best taste. Do not divide the plants that come in one pot--grow together on a small hill or mound in the garden, or in one large container.

Photos courtesy of Ball Horticultural Company

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