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Bowling's Last Stand Heavy Duty Tree Stand For 8' - 9' Christmas Trees


These stands are excellent for holding trees safely and securely, especially larger heavy trees.

They are steel construction, extremely durable and sturdy and hold plenty of water.
We have been installing trees in these for years and strongly feel that they are the best stand on the market.
If you have been wrestling with the old aluminum or plastic stands give these a try, you will be glad you did!


Installation Tips:

To prep your tree for the stand we recommend taking a 1" fresh cut off the bottom of the tree.
Lay the tree on its side and using a 1/2" drill bit drill hole up the center of the trunk a couple inches deep.
Mount the stand by inserting the lag screw in the bottom of the bowl into the hole and snug the T handles.
Stand the tree upright, adjust T handles until it is straight and tighten.


This stand supports a tree up to 9 feet tall.
Water Capacity: 1.25 gallons
Weight: 20 lbs

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